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0000700: HTTP: authentication Type Local - No Users can be created - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0000700Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2008-04-22 16:232008-04-23 17:41
0000700: HTTP: authentication Type Local - No Users can be created
go to HTTP: authentication
switch from Authentication type "None" to "Local"
klick on "Save an reload"
wait til page apears
klick on "User management"
no User can be created nor changed (empty page)

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2008-04-22 16:23michaelFNew Issue
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2008-04-22 16:32ra-endianFixed in Version => 2.2-beta4
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2008-04-22 16:32   
thank you for the report,

we release tomorrow the new firewall release 2.2-beta4