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0000748: Dynamic DNS client should have an uplink selector - MantisBT
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0000748Endian FirewallGUIpublic2008-05-02 20:442008-09-10 15:53
0000748: Dynamic DNS client should have an uplink selector
Now that Endian works with Multiple uplinks it lacks a way to assing dynamic DNS address per uplink. Is there an alternate way?
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duplicate of 0000979confirmed peter-endian DynDNS: need to be defined per uplink 
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2008-06-04 09:17   
Here a workaround.

Open the file /usr/local/bin/ and edit these lines:

if (-f "${swroot}/uplinks/main/data") {
        my %conf_hash = ();
        readhash("${swroot}/uplinks/main/data", \%conf_hash);
        $ip = $conf_hash{'ip_address'};

Change the word "main" to the name uplinkx. In my case a UMTS Uplink is "uplink1"

If you would also force an update each time a backup-link goes up or the ip-address changes create a symlink at /etc/uplinksdeamon/addrchanged with

cd /etc/uplinksdeamon/addrchanged
ln -s /usr/local/bin/ setddns