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0000749: http proxy and ssl - MantisBT
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0000749Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2008-05-03 12:012010-09-24 09:27
0000749: http proxy and ssl
Is there any chance that the http-proxy scans https ? (I know not havp). Because Gibraltar and Gateprotect can scan https.
It´s a great security risk
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2008-05-05 13:21   
In what context is do you consider it a threat .. As the decrupting of ssl data exposes secure information. Or viruses etc can get by via ssl ?
2008-05-05 15:55   
About viruses
2008-05-05 16:56   
decrypting the ssl tunnel on the firewall in fact is a man in the middle attack, since the firewall needs to accept every server certificate, without showing or asking the user.

Doing this enables everyone to do also a man in the middle attack without the possibility to recognize it by either end.

I think having the possibility to do a man in the middle attack is a much higher security risk.
2008-05-05 17:34   
when you surf in the internet there are many sites, they have https-sites but with self designed certifacates. They can easily import a virus in their sites. Look at [^]
2008-05-14 16:24   
when everybody program a switch todo allow accept every certificate and its scanned for virus ?