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0000834: openvpn: make it possible to have an ip pool outside of GREEN - MantisBT
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0000834Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-05-19 09:142009-03-05 17:28
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0000834: openvpn: make it possible to have an ip pool outside of GREEN
openvpn should allow the user to select an ip pool outside of the GREEN network.
it should also be possible to choose if the tap device is bridged to green or not.
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related to 0000920closed peter-endian vpnfw: openvpn static assigned ips need to be added to VPNFWDST 
has duplicate 0002813closed  IP Pool outside of GREEN 
has duplicate 0002905closed  different ip poll for openvpn server not working 
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2008-12-17 15:36   
I also need this. Right now I need to be able to log in several hundred vpn clients and cannot renumber the GREEN main ip.

Al tried to add one IP of the range I need to give the VPN clients as an IP alias on the GREEN zone, but the interface keeps reverting my range to the network the main ip of the GREEN interface.