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0000937: dhcp: no possibility to use secondary subnets - MantisBT
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0000937Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2008-06-12 10:122010-09-21 18:33
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0000937: dhcp: no possibility to use secondary subnets
there is no possibility to use secondary subnets of a zone in dhcp configuration.

If the other subnets would be configured without ip range, one may assign fixed leases of secondary subnets to a mac address.
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2008-06-12 15:47   
"If the other subnets would be configured without ip range, one may assign fixed leases of secondary subnets to a mac address." -> this is not possible

a possible solution would be, give the possibility to create an instance per interface and filter dhcp traffic between interfaces of the same bridge
2008-11-13 09:19   
at least there should be the possibility to select the subnet which should be used in a zone. currently only the primary subnet will be used
2008-11-13 09:48   
"All versions of the server have the ability to support so-called VLAN configurations, where more than one IP subnet is run on the same network wire, possibly with some traffic isolation performed in the switch. It is also possible to list client identifications in the configuration file and then prevent the server from interacting with clients that have not been so identified. "

we need somthing like that
2008-11-13 14:55   
dhcp relay is easily supportable by changing the dhcp configuration slightly in order not to have per-zone configuration, but per instance/subnet.

an instance is a subnet declaration, of a subnet which not necessarily must be directly attached to the firewall.
within an instance the already implemented parameter are configurable like our zone configruation already has.

with another configuration possibility, say checkbox, or the like, it must be possible then to define on which interfaces the dhcp server should listen

another checkbox could cause the dhcp server instance to be a relay to a specified server of the specified interface instead of being an authoritative server