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0000943: clamd and havp services using 100% CPU - MantisBT
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0000943Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2008-06-12 17:232008-10-08 13:30
0000943: clamd and havp services using 100% CPU
just installed the Endian.. on 1Ghz 256 ram....

Configured via gui such features as : dhcp server, proxy server with antivirus. Opened some ports (rdp,etc).
Connected a host, it wokred ok for about 30 minutes. And after that the connection with the internet was slowing down and then totally was ok.....

after I sshed into the firewall and did the top command it showed me that theses two (havp and clamd) were using 99% of the cpu... even though that there was no traffic at all.....

I just started to play with this product few days ago.. it worked ok in wmware...any suggestions?
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2008-06-13 14:01   
added more memory..... replaced the hardrive ...... (not related though)....reinstalled the firewall.....

- again after the configuration (DHCP, proxy with antivirus).... the cpu goes to 100%.....

- another issue is that both times the squid service failed during the boot (the firewall stopped at "starting the squid".... and the only way to proceed was to use CTRL+C).......

Both times i didn't do any changes manually in the CLI.... everything was done via GUI.....

2008-06-25 13:58   
Please check with Endian Firewall 2.2
2008-06-30 10:21   
have also 1GHz CPU with 256MB Ram with an 2.1.2 running here.

System isn't really frozen, but blocks http-proxytraffic by (re-)starting or update signatures of clamd.

need ~ 2 hrs of time for this procedure. (see it in systemdiagrams every day - daily update of clamd signatures)

adding additional 512MB of RAM "speed" it up a half hour ... so see every day just 1,5 hrs 100% CPU usage by update.

I wait for rc2 to make an update of the system. then i can give another feedback.

2008-07-05 00:15   
I had the same problem after updating the signatures.
I resolved upgrading to 0.93.1 thanks to the rpms of Mike.
This is the script I used
The --nodeps is necessary as the perl-Mail still has a reference to a previous version of libclamav

#! /bin/sh
cp /etc/init.d/clamd /etc/init.d/clamd.old
rpm -Uhv --force --nodeps \ [^] \ [^] \ [^] \ [^] \ [^] \ [^] \
cp /etc/init.d/clamd.old /etc/init.d/clamd

You have to change the /etc/clamav/clamd.conf.tmpl and /etc/clamav/clamd.conf
The conf may be written automatically changing something in clamav configuration after modifying the template.
This is my new tmpl

LogTime yes

LogSyslog yes
LogFacility LOG_LOCAL4
LogFileMaxSize 2M

AllowSupplementaryGroups yes
TemporaryDirectory /tmp
LocalSocket /tmp/clamd
FixStaleSocket yes
TCPSocket 3310
MaxConnectionQueueLength 30
StreamMaxLength 20M
MaxThreads 10
SelfCheck 600
User clamav
ScanPE yes
DetectBrokenExecutables yes
ScanOLE2 yes
ScanMail yes
ScanHTML yes
ScanArchive yes
#MailMaxRecursion 64
PhishingSignatures yes
PidFile /var/run/clamav/

ArchiveBlockEncrypted True
#end if


2008-07-14 13:45   
Claudio's Tip doesn't solves it on my machine.

So I wait for rc2.

It's not urgent for me because the updatecycle is early in the morning when I'm sleep.

2008-07-29 14:07   
the problem does not exist anymore in 2.2rc2 on my system
2008-07-29 17:29   
thank you for checking!