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0000095: training is not working as described on - MantisBT
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0000095Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2007-02-02 01:382007-11-28 15:00
0000095: training is not working as described on
I couldn't send or forward the email to spam@spam.spam or ham@ham.ham as described on the FAQ, it was rejected.
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related to 0001476confirmed peter-endian Automatical adding domain spam.spam and ham.ham 
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2007-02-05 10:53   
have you enabled to outgoing smtp proxy?
did you send the mail as attachement?
did you use a sender email whose domain is included within local domains list of the outgoing smtp proxy?
2007-02-06 00:25   
I would like to use it as relay for the exchange, and what I need is to show the user a way inorder to train the filtering database.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated,