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0000979: DynDNS: need to be defined per uplink - MantisBT
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0000979Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2008-06-19 18:012011-11-07 13:17
0000979: DynDNS: need to be defined per uplink
DynDNS only works with the main uplink

If any other uplink goes up the dyndns doesn´t update his ip.

Please replace "main" with a variable for the Uplink in /usr/local/bin/

if (-f "${swroot}/uplinks/main/data") {
       my %conf_hash = ();
       readhash("${swroot}/uplinks/main/data", \%conf_hash);
       $ip = $conf_hash{'ip_address'};

This variable (Uplink) should be setup within the DynDNS Page. Defined per uplink.

And at least you should do a symlink at /etc/uplinksdaemon/addrchanged to /usr/local/bin/
With this symlink every time a uplink changes the DynDNS would be updated.

This is very important for doing OpenVPN with other uplinks than main in combination with DynDNS. For Example a fallback OpenVPN via UMTS.

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2008-07-10 03:39   
A hack to get ddns to follow the link so as to have vpn failover

 if (-f "${swroot}/uplinks/main/data") {
        my %conf_hash = ();
        readhash("${swroot}/uplinks/main/data", \%conf_hash);
        $ip = $conf_hash{'ip_address'};

    $ip = `/usr/local/bin/detectip`; #ADD This line
2009-05-27 10:57   
Please solve this with 2.3 and not in "future"

This post is nearly one year old!
This only need "some" changes to the gui.
2009-05-29 09:55   
it's not *that* easy. adding support for multiple uplinks needs correct uplinksdaemon integration which is not that easy right now, since dyndns currently is a mess.
we need to rewrite dyndns from scratch. that's nothing we should do in a 2.3 beta stage.
2011-11-07 13:17   
Any updates about this issue?

Can we see this in 2.5?