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0000984: allowed ports and allowed ssl ports configuration vanish - MantisBT
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0000984Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2008-06-23 21:542008-07-27 20:18
0000984: allowed ports and allowed ssl ports configuration vanish
After some configuration and/or random restarts, the allowed ports and allowed ssl ports files vanish.

Certainly the proxy does not start anymore without these files.
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related to 0000995closed simon-endian Squid will not start Lastest update the machine got from the endian network bungled squid.conf 
png image001.png (132,973) 2008-06-23 21:55
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2008-06-25 08:14   
- now the default values are used if no other values are available
- files are not replaced if already available (not true if migration from 2.1 to 2.2)