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0001920Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2009-06-09 11:062009-06-09 16:14
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Summary0001920: Hosts file creation errors
DescriptionWhen using the Endian GUI (Network => Edit hosts => Add a Host)
The following feilds are presented:
IP Address (Mandatory)
Hostname (Mandatory)
Domain name (Optional)

The format of the host file should be: ip-address canonical_hostname aliases

Problem 1:
An alias is created by Endian but can not be edited.
I would like to add something like: David Martin

But, the /etc/hosts file contains this: server1 server1

Editing the /etc/hosts file manually does not work.
Editing the /var/efw/main/hosts file manually does not work.

Problem 2:
It is impossible to add the following hosts

I would like to provide a host, a domain and an alias of my choice, but this is impossible.
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mike-f (updater)
2009-06-09 12:39

as for your prob # 2

edit /var/efw/
line 1736

   if (length ($hostname) < 2 || length ($hostname) > 63) {

change the number 2 to 1

   if (length ($hostname) < 1 || length ($hostname) > 63) {
mike-f (updater)
2009-06-09 12:43

as for your prob # 1 you can add the "alias" as an seperate line David Martin
mike-f (updater)
2009-06-09 13:15
edited on: 2009-06-09 15:49

# 1 won't fix as the gui will be rewritten in future releases and workaround exists

# 2 needs fix as hostnames are permited in RFC to be length = 1

Name syntax
The length of any one label is limited to between 1 and 63 octets. A full domain name is limited to 255 octets (including the separators).

viagi (reporter)
2009-06-09 15:02

Just a note,
The domain is a valid domain.
The way the current alias system works, an alias of 111 is automatically created if is added to the hosts file which causes problems for both Linux and Windows clients.
'ping 111' on Windows pings the address even if hosts file contains an alias of '111'
'ping 111' on Linux returns 'invalid argument'

When fixing, alias must not consist solely of digits.

Will use patch as suggested till fixed.
mike-f (updater)
2009-06-09 16:14

rfc1178 - Choosing a Name for Your Computer

Don't use digits at the beginning of the name.

Many programs accept a numerical internet address as well as a name. Unfortunately, some programs do not correctly distinguish between the two and may be fooled, for example, by a string beginning with a decimal digit.

Names consisting entirely of hexadecimal digits, such as "beef", are also problematic, since they can be interpreted entirely as hexadecimal numbers as well as alphabetic strings.

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