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0002979Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2010-06-05 01:112010-09-23 14:06
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Product Version2.4 
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Summary0002979: Web Server in Green not allows port forward
DescriptionHey Boys!

I'm trying to setup a WEB server (TCP port 80) on the GREEN interface side.
I setup a Port forwarding / NAT rule to redirect all packets from main uplink port 80 and destination TCP port 80 to my server. But it´s not working...i have a time out.

If i try directly to Web server IP in the Green zone, everything web server is working fine. The problem is when I try to use the NAT tranlation. What i am missing? I attach a picture of the NAT config.

I comes from IPCop and with the port forward is enough, but maybe i need some additional steps here

Any help would be appreciated

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baldy (reporter)
2010-06-05 13:55

Looks like you made an error in the portnumber.

It says 8000 instead of 80
Pablitus (reporter)
2010-06-05 14:21

Sorry....i tried both ports, 80 and 8000....both without luck.

baldy (reporter)
2010-06-05 14:33


Added image with correct settings.

Might be useful to continue in the supportforums as this is most likely not a bug. [^]


Pablitus (reporter)
2010-06-05 21:40

It still not working, i used your settings without luck. I am uploading the settings that i´m using.

What i'm missing? The rest of the firewall works fine, even port forward for torrents.
baldy (reporter)
2010-06-06 09:18

Maybe stupid question, are you testing the forward from an external location or from a pc connected to green ?
Pablitus (reporter)
2010-06-07 16:00

I tested from both sides and it didn't work until today... but today morning i do a full reboot of the Endian and Webserver and started to work fine, weird...

Now i can see the server from the internet and from the green interface (but in the pc of the green side i need to hit via IP not by dns name because in that way it gives me a time out) So i think we are good to go...

motionmedia (reporter)
2010-06-09 06:13

I can confirm the exact same problem with 2.4. Port forwarding simply does not work on port 80 or any other I try.

I have followed directions online, done as above, and nothing will go through. No mention of the attempts in the Endian logs, either.

I have tried re-booting, resetting the entire network, but to no avail. Port forwarding simply does not work.

Running community edition 10.4 on a dell with 2 dlink NIC cards and the built in LAN port. Have tried switching red/green interfaces around as well but to no avail.

I'm interested in helping to diagnose this problem so if you require any further info please let me know.
peter-endian (administrator)
2010-09-23 14:06

does the server in green have configured a correct default gateway pointing to the green ip of the firewall?

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