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0003139: SIP with analog faxadapter - MantisBT Endian Bugtracker
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0003139Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2010-09-14 18:072011-01-21 23:16
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Product Version2.4 
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Summary0003139: SIP with analog faxadapter
DescriptionWe have here some different analog faxadapter for sip.
Behind an efw firewall the faxadapter couldn´t send or receive any fax. Call and communication starts but then the fax abort with a transfer error.

After some tests i unload the following modules:


Now it works fine.

So i add this two lines to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

blacklist nf_nat_sip
blacklist nf_conntrack_sip

Also we have some troubles with different voip devices with h323. So we also disabled this modules:


Same issues with sip proxy enabled or disabled.

We need a solution at the web gui to enable or disable all these nf_... modules
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peter-endian (administrator)
2010-09-20 13:52

is it sure that it works all the time?
we had always problems passing fax over SIP regardless of whatever configuration and hardware constellation and solved it by keeping fax bypassing sip using an analogue line.

Does sip voice work with the modules loaded?
aender (reporter)
2010-09-20 13:55

Yes. SIP voice works fine with loaded modules. Also with unloaded modules.

And also fax works without any problems since i reported this issue here and unload the modules.

Now if i load the modules fax would never work. Unload it and all is fine.
peter-endian (administrator)
2010-09-23 10:38

well. i would say that is quite normal.
fax over sip is always causing problems due to timing issues i think.
aender (reporter)
2010-09-23 11:02

Not really. efw 2.1 doesn´t have this problems...

This happens only since 2.2 and above
nopyobe (reporter)
2011-01-21 23:16

I am just now running into this problem with 2.4.1. I am running a SipXecs server behind an Endian Firewall. I've tested remote clients with public IP addresses and remote clients behind other Far End NAT devices without issue (pfSense for example). On the SipXecs server I can see that remote clients register and show something similar to:

In this configuration, I have no problems with audio in either direction.

Replacing the Far End NAT firewall with Endian firewall, I will always see:

In this configuration, I get one way audio only.

I did the suggestion above and temporarily removed nf_nat_sip and nf_conntrack_sip by performing the following commands:

modprobe -r nf_conntrack_sip
modprobe -r nf_nat_sip

Upon reconnecting the phones, they register properly with a message similar to:
Two way audio and everything works wonderful.

So, I know that those modules are interfering with the way that Remote FENT phones are registering with my SipXecs server. I tried to add those two lines to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist but upon reboot, nf_nat_sip and nf_conntrack_sip are up and running again causing havoc.

Is there any other way that I can keep these modules from reloading on reboot?

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