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0003302Endian FirewallIntrusion Preventionpublic2010-11-16 02:122010-11-19 14:37
Assigned Tolorenzo-endian 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.4.1 
Summary0003302: Fail to initialize and update Snort
DescriptionFail when we tried to intialize the snort after the upgrade to the 2.4.1 version.

It is giving the following error:

Nov 16 00:06:51 snort[19111] Warning: /etc/snort/processed.rules(30) => threshold (in rule) is deprecated; use detection_filter instead.
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duplicate of 0003292closedlorenzo-endian snort rules seem to prevent the launch of the IDS service 

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lorenzo-endian (manager)
2010-11-16 09:30

Hi ytech,

Are you sure that the problem is not the same as this one? [^]

Thanks in advance!

ytech (reporter)
2010-11-16 13:09

Hi Lo,
I also saw this bug code but just today gmar_87 has inserted the same comments that is the same problem that i m having.
lorenzo-endian (manager)
2010-11-16 14:38

Hi ytec,

while waiting for a definitive solution, here is a workaround: [^]


lorenzo-endian (manager)
2010-11-16 16:30

Hello ytech,

there are new rules available on Emerging Threats, which run fine for me.

Please donwload them using the "Automatically fetch SNORT rules" flag.

Thanks for a feedback!

ytech (reporter)
2010-11-16 17:43

Thanks but the same error appears

An error occured while starting SNORT! Please check the logs for further information

and at the system log:

Nov 16 15:41:42 snort[32486] Initializing rule chains...
Nov 16 15:41:42 snort[32486] Warning: /etc/snort/processed.rules(30) => threshold (in rule) is deprecated; use detection_filter instead.
Nov 16 15:41:47 snort[32486] FATAL ERROR: /etc/snort/processed.rules(6637): Couldn't resolve hostname
pwizard (reporter)
2010-11-17 01:39

Hello ytech,
The same problem.
lorenzo-endian (manager)
2010-11-17 11:09

Hi ytech and pwizard,

are you using the Automatically fetch SNORT rules" flag?

Other users who were experiencing the same problem solved it with this trick...
ytech (reporter)
2010-11-17 16:02

Hello Lo.

I solve the problem doing these steps bellow :

1- Turno off the IDS at the web menu and/or and command line.
2- Download mannualy the latest rules.
3- Turn on the service trought the web painel without mark the flag to automatically fech the rules.
4- Import the rule downloaded at the step 2.
5- Reboot the firewall.
6- Mark the flag to fech automatically and click down to upgrade and restart.

I could repeat these steps to have sure that the things will work.

Just one extra bug. everything at the proxy, ids and firewall tabs that i change when i apply it appears for infite time for exemple "IDS Service is restarting" and other services with the related messages. I think that is only a problem at the frontend because the services, rules and others are applied.
ardit-endian (developer)
2010-11-18 10:34
edited on: 2010-11-18 10:34

FATAL ERROR: /etc/snort/processed.rules(11) => 'fast_pattern' does not take an argument (reported 2 times until now with the last snort update)

lorenzo-endian (manager)
2010-11-18 11:12

hi ardit,

i have completed now the update using the "automatic fetch rules" feature and snort restarts without errors.

Are you still using the tar.gz downloaded from emergingthreats?

thanks a lot

ardit-endian (developer)
2010-11-18 11:17

Yes , can you release the update with the correct rules for the 2.3-1 also?

lorenzo-endian (manager)
2010-11-19 14:37

Hi ytech,

we released this week an update which solve this problem even for the 2.3.1.

Please feel free to open another ticket if the problem arises again.

Thanks a lot!


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