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0004231: "Your Harddisk is to small" error message during install of 2.5 version - MantisBT Endian Bugtracker
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0004231Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2011-12-29 20:592013-04-07 04:08
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004231: "Your Harddisk is to small" error message during install of 2.5 version
DescriptionWhen installing 2.5 on VMware with a disk 15GB or less the installation fails with an error message "Your harddisk is to small" sh: -c line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching '"
Additional InformationIt could very well be that you need a bigger hd to install 2.5 however, I was able to install 2.41 on a 10GB drive.
I didn't find the minimum hd requirement during my install as i'm limited to 15 GB at the moment.
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aender (reporter)
2011-12-30 06:37

With Virtualbox and a 8GB disk the installation is not problem. Could it be that this is only a problem with vmware?
christian-endian (administrator)
2012-01-10 08:56

Tried installing on a VMware virtual machine with 8GB disk space and had no problems at all. How did you configure your virtual machine? What kind of disk controller did you use?
abhijeet1984 (reporter)
2012-01-12 10:31


I am also suffring frm this problem.

I am installing endin 2.5 on IBM x3550 server but the installation fails with an error message "Your harddisk is to small" sh: -c line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching '"
christian-endian (administrator)
2012-01-17 08:50

Can you switch to the second console after you see this message? Is there anything else you see?
You can switch with Alt+F2

Thank you
piratpl (reporter)
2012-02-05 17:52

I was not able to reportoduce the issue after I rebooted the vSphare server.
Byzt (reporter)
2012-02-05 19:58


I'm having the same problem. But I installed 2.4.1
Beorn (reporter)
2012-02-14 08:40
edited on: 2012-02-14 08:46

Error at the vmware esxi 5.0 console:
"Scanning target drives
Check fot hardware raid controller: NOT FOUND"

Edit: Works with SCSI Controller LSI Logic Parallel
NOT with LSI Logic SAS and VMWare Paravirtual

mudgie (reporter)
2012-02-15 01:12

This happened the first time I did a VMware ESXi install. I originally let it default to "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (32-bit)" but it defaulted to the VMware Paravirtual controller, which indicated insufficient space. Choosing "custom" and "Other Linux (32-bit)" defaulted the controller to LSI Logic Parallel, which worked fine.
soypin8 (reporter)
2013-04-07 04:08

Use Red Hat Enterprise 6, its works.

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