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  00024222   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureassigned (peter-endian)2010-09-24make emi modules reloadable
  0002564    [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
featureassigned (peter-endian)2010-09-24add a comment to every template that changes have to be made in template
  00022812   [Endian Firewall]
majoracknowledged (peter-endian)2010-09-24unmatched traffic seems exclusive
  00016271   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
minorassigned (peter-endian)2010-09-24sarg does not handle dansguardian logs anymore
  00030231   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - HTTP
minorassigned (peter-endian)2010-09-24BDC does not work anymore
  0001056    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
minorassigned (peter-endian)2010-09-24postfix need to use smarthosts of the respective uplinks
  0001062    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
majorassigned (max-endian)2010-09-24DynDNS: need to be defined per uplink (make GUI changes)
  0001938    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureconfirmed2010-09-24dyndns needs rewrite from scratch
  0001943    [Endian Firewall]
featureacknowledged2010-09-24include some kind of WOL for GUI/console
  0001051    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2010-09-24dansguardian should log which urlfilter category blocked
  0002591    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Upgrade Squid to 3.1
  0002488    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featureacknowledged2010-09-24contentfilter on https
  00007495   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureacknowledged2010-09-24http proxy and ssl
  0002530    [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
featureacknowledged2010-09-24PPTP Server
  00011941   [Endian Firewall]
Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)
featureconfirmed2010-09-24WLAN support
  0001948    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureconfirmed2010-09-24Hotspot User password change
  0002048    [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2010-09-24More zones then just 4!
  00008027   [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
featureacknowledged2010-09-24VPN: Transparent bonding of multiple uplinks if both ends run endian fw
  00020426   [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
featureacknowledged (peter-endian)2010-09-24GUI for interface bonding
  0002121    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
featureconfirmed2010-09-24postfix mynetwork on gui
  0002215    [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2010-09-24OpenVPN run good, But users can not automatically change the password.
  000143731 [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureacknowledged2010-09-24DHCP service - Fixed leases : an easy way to turn a "current" lease into a fixed lease
  00014851   [Endian Firewall]
featureacknowledged2010-09-24add hourly graph to standard traffic graphs for RED and GREEN (and BLUE, ORANGE)
  0002650    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Search box for user/groups authentication
  0002672    [Endian Firewall]
minoracknowledged2010-09-24Qos for Device GREEN always OFF or ON ??
  0002673    [Endian Firewall]
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Dashboard shows only tap0 but ipsec0 to ipsec3
  0002698    [Endian Firewall]
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Dashboard should show blocked attacks
  0002726    [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Implement passive OS fingerprinting
  00006881   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
featureacknowledged2010-09-24NAT : Time rules / Conditions
  0001974    [Endian Firewall]
Endian Firewall GUI
featureconfirmed2010-09-24hosts.cgi and dnsmasq localdomains need to show system rules
  00028092   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
featureconfirmed2010-09-24smtp proxy needs configuration possibility to decide which subnets are local
  0002817    [Endian Firewall]
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Limit maxmimum number of emails shown in mail queue GUI
  0002828    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureconfirmed2010-09-24DHCP Relay
  0002829    [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
featureconfirmed2010-09-24VPN Server with TUN interface
  0002842    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - STMP
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Inclusion of fetchmail for polling mail and delivering it via smtp proxy
  00027792   [Endian Firewall]
featureacknowledged2010-09-24Statistics/Connections for QoS
  00028591   [Endian Firewall]
featurenew2010-09-24unfold for DHCP (fixed leases and current leases)
  0002855    [Endian Firewall]
featurenew2010-09-24DHCP configuration for additional IPs
  00028193   [Endian Firewall]
minorfeedback2010-09-23Network setup failed
  0001471    [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2010-09-23can't remove additional ip addresses from pppoe uplink
  000241441 [Endian Firewall]
majoracknowledged2010-09-23QoS not always working
  000279642 [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
minoracknowledged2010-09-23exceeding openvpn users are dropped without errors
  00023062   [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
minorconfirmed2010-09-23ntop: Local Network Traffic Map not working
  00022539   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
blockacknowledged2010-09-23Firewall not passing GRE packets
  00023892   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
minoracknowledged2010-09-23a lot of forward:drop entries when using POP3-Proxy
  00023504   [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
minoracknowledged2010-09-23Snort rules editor canĀ“t set custom rules to drop
  00022962   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
minoracknowledged2010-09-23ntpd - Bad file descriptor
  000297983 [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
minorfeedback2010-09-23Web Server in Green not allows port forward
  00030601   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minoracknowledged2010-09-23AD authentication doesn't work
  00031511   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
featureacknowledged2010-09-23make RBL list editable by GUI
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