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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004351    [Endian Firewall]
minornew2012-05-08IPsec PSK adulterated when %71
  00027098   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
minoracknowledged2012-05-02sometimes if uplink reconnects connections remain in connection tracking table with old information causing the service to stop
  00034413   [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2012-05-02"To" at Logs -> Proxy -> SMTP missing
  000422774 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
blockfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2012-04-30block update antivirus
  0004340    [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
minornew2012-04-26DNAT and routing issue
  00033751   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featurefeedback2012-04-23Proxy analysis report generator
  0004331    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services fails to update noip DDNS service
  00019931   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
majoracknowledged2012-04-19ntop logs error info: "free of NULL pointer @ http.c:3787"
  000299871 [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majoracknowledged (peter-endian)2012-04-18Static Routes doesn´t work
  00043252   [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majornew2012-04-16PPPOE connection drops based on load
  00028203   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minorconfirmed (simon-endian)2012-04-12If NETBIOS name differs from domain name UTM is not able to join
  0004327    [Endian Firewall]
minornew2012-04-10ipsec-preshared key with "%" character dosen't work
  00042662   [Endian Firewall]
minorfeedback (davide-endian)2012-04-05Intrusion Detection shows as OFF in dashboard screen when confirmed running in status screen.
  00043151   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
minorfeedback (davide-endian)2012-04-05upgrade 2.5 smtpscan service fail and miss on the gui
  00042821   [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
majorresolved (davide-endian)2012-04-05openvpn and static ip
  00042851   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorfeedback2012-04-04After updating Contentfilter rules, all sessions are flushed
  00042992   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorfeedback (davide-endian)2012-04-04No Browsing when enebling proxy
  0004323    [Endian Firewall]
minornew2012-04-04status.cgi show Amavis STOPPED only Mini ARM
  000431931 [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
minorresolved (davide-endian)2012-04-04Erro Enable Traffic Monitoring
  0004293    [Endian Firewall]
majornew2012-04-03Inodes capacity is running full
  00042105   [Endian Firewall]
Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)
majorfeedback2012-04-02No support for Intel® B43 Express Chipset
  00042253   [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2012-04-02Client (net2net) does not accept tunnel config via WebGUI - Cannot connect to VPN
  00042873   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
majornew2012-03-27Remote logging not working in v2.5.1
  0004302    [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts errors
  00042974   [Endian Firewall]
VPN OpenVPN Server
blockresolved (peter-endian)2012-03-21OpenVPN authentication error / Auth Username/Password verification failed
  0004301    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featurenew2012-03-20Limit uplink notification
  000338911 [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed (simon-endian)2012-03-15Network status tables not fixed size
  00043001   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
majornew2012-03-15SNMPD doesn't start
  000147610   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2012-03-12Automatical adding domain spam.spam and ham.ham
  00036011   [Endian Firewall]
Backup and Updates
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2012-03-08If backup fails due to space the tar is not removed from /var/tmp
  0004294    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minorconfirmed2012-03-08urlblacklist doesn't have #listcategory tag
  0004292    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
minorconfirmed2012-03-06smtp proxy imap authentication removes the
  0004290    [Endian Firewall]
blocknew2012-03-03Can't Install - "error reading target_device"
  000331117   [Endian Firewall]
blockconfirmed (peter-endian)2012-03-02Restore backup on different hardware leaves the firewall unusable
  00042792   [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
tweakfeedback2012-02-24snort and incoming emails
  0004280    [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
blockresolved (christian-endian)2012-02-24PUSH DNS SERVER NOT WORKING
  000423473 [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majorresolved (lorenzo-endian)2012-02-03IPsec VPNs in Endian 2.5 unstable, stop passing data
  00042642   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
majorresolved (EDV-Team)2012-02-03Can't access internal web server from green/blue zone by its external URL
  00041321   [Endian Firewall]
tweaknew2012-01-31Hotspot Menubar does not show the section the user is currently in
  0004246    [Endian Firewall]
trivialresolved (christian-endian)2012-01-30DOWN arrow in Last QOS Class and Rules should be UP Arrow
  000424821 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majoracknowledged2012-01-27HTTP proxy slow internet!!!
  0004251    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minorresolved (christian-endian)2012-01-26After updating Contentfilter Default Profile, Schedule for automatic blacklist updates is set to Monthly
  00018655   [Endian Firewall]
Endian VPN Client
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2012-01-26Open VPN server doesn't push any nameserver to a linux/mac client
  0002315    [Endian Firewall]
Input Validation
majorresolved (peter-endian)2012-01-24Login with $ ore other extra signs in password fails
  000333394 [Endian Firewall]
tweakconfirmed (max-endian)2012-01-20Firewall diagrams don't open
  00042421   [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
majoracknowledged2012-01-18Open VPN LDAP
  00015421   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
minoracknowledged2012-01-13DDNS for does not work
  00042332   [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majorresolved (christian-endian)2012-01-12PPPoE uplink in Endian 2.5 keeps restarting after 2 minutes.
  000423521 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
minorresolved (davide-endian)2012-01-10SMTP Stats on Endian 2.5 Dashboard do not update
  000423253 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
majorresolved (davide-endian)2012-01-05Enabling Greylisting in Endian 2.5 blocks incoming mail
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