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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00033221   [Endian Firewall]
majorresolved (lorenzo-endian)2011-01-03Problem in Proxy Gui menu
  000339611 [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
trivialresolved (andrea-endian)2010-12-23After first installation the console shows None instead of netmask/cidr
  00033078   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
majorresolved (max-endian)2010-12-14DDNS not Working on 2.4.1
  00033731   [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
textresolved (ra-endian)2010-12-11/etc/monit.d/disk.conf has a typo
  0003332186 [Endian Firewall]
minorresolved (max-endian)2010-12-09Proxy graphs not working
  00033501   [Endian Firewall]
tweakresolved (max-endian)2010-12-08On the first day of use the proxy graphs are not created
  00033511   [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
minorresolved (max-endian)2010-12-02The function getSpareMemory works wrong
  0003339 1 [Endian Firewall]
textresolved (andrea-endian)2010-11-30Mistype in the new web console
  00030872   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - HTTP
minorresolved (max-endian)2010-11-28squid hard disk cache can't be zero
  0003316 1 [Endian Firewall]
minorresolved (andrea-endian)2010-11-25Web console does not work with IE8
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