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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00037792   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-09-06Firewall set scripts "iptables: Resource temporarily unavailable"
  0004144    [Endian Firewall]
Log and Statistics
majorconfirmed2011-09-06Sarg fails sending email report.
  0004143    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minornew2011-09-05Transparent proxy intercepts VPN traffic
  00041332   [Endian Firewall]
VPN OpenVPN Server
majorconfirmed2011-09-02label "push only these networks" is misleading, since global routes always are pushed
  00035493   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-09-02High event notification email rate
  00033082   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorfeedback (simon-endian) write wrong configs
  0004125 1 [Endian Firewall]
minornew2011-08-23Services Dashboard for SMTP Proxy is not showing spam mails received
  00041061   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
blockconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-08-22HTTP Proxy access policy does not work with LDAP group
  0004123    [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
tweakconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-08-22On the gui, selecting "FTP" while creating a rule adds only port 21
  000385021 [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
majorfeedback2011-08-19SNORT isn't blocking RDP
  0004116    [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majornew2011-08-18Problem with VPN /IPSEC using two uplinks
  00003933   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featurefeedback2011-08-13Support for IPV6
  00035411   [Endian Firewall]
featureconfirmed (simon-endian)2011-08-12Improve ASA interfacement
  00002422   [Endian Firewall]
Application Level Proxies
featureresolved (Anonymous)2011-08-11Kaspersky as havp scanner
  0003955 1 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - HTTP
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-08-11Authentication and not authentication rules are mixed up
  00039841   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
crashfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-08-10problems with proxy actions in EFW 2.4.1
  000337931 [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
tweakfeedback (peter-endian)2011-08-10no shell alias on 2.4
  0004088    [Endian Firewall]
Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)
majornew2011-08-02Open Source Endian 2.4.1 Hardware Compatibility
  0004078    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featurenew2011-07-30If it is possible add package like dsniff
  000381333 [Endian Firewall]
tweakresolved (max-endian)2011-07-28dashboard graphs are not displayed on IE9
  000388031 [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-07-26Check host function takes down the uplink
  0003989 1 [Endian Firewall]
trivialnew2011-07-17Edit and Deleted icons wrong way round in OpenVPN accounts
  0003988    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
featurenew2011-07-17SMTP proxy deletes emails when configured DNS servers are not available
  0003983    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minornew2011-07-14problems with proxy actions in EFW 2.4.1
  000398221 [Endian Firewall]
Log and Statistics
minorfeedback2011-07-14Logs => Smtp maillog from / to not shown
  0003981    [Endian Firewall]
majornew2011-07-13Virtual image fails under heavy load
  00028271   [Endian Firewall]
minoracknowledged2011-07-13Destination device is bad when editing a QOS rule
  000341310   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-07-13WPAD.DAT syntax creation error
  0002739    [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed2011-07-07System with 3ware RAID controller does not boot
  00039413   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-07-06Dansguardian exeception site don't working.
  00038601   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-07-06Proxy Authentication
  00039431   [Endian Firewall]
majornew2011-07-04Broadcom BCM5716 not recognised by installation
  00038732   [Endian Firewall]
Log and Statistics
featurenew2011-07-01Sarg is not generating statistics for the "DENIED" sites.
  0003653    [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majorconfirmed2011-07-012 Default gateways , if secondary DHCP uplink is added
  0003650107 [Endian Firewall]
minorresolved (peter-endian)2011-06-25Status --> Network Status right section big.
  000359211 [Endian Firewall]
blocknew2011-06-23EFW 2.4.1 crashes while installing and after 2.3 to 2.4.1 upgrade over Debian Lenny XEN HVM machine
  00037342   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-06-22Cannot access BLUE Zone from GREEN Zone
  00027274   [Endian Firewall]
Firewall (iptables)
featureacknowledged2011-06-22Time based rules
  000298952 [Endian Firewall]
Log and Statistics
minorfeedback2011-06-22Dashboard can show negative CPU usage
  0003890    [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
featurenew2011-06-15Openvpn CA
  0003889    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
crashnew2011-06-15ntop freez after high load
  0003888    [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
majornew2011-06-14Only one probe for snort. limit of about 85Mbps
  00036821   [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
majorfeedback2011-06-10error: file /home/httpd/html/include/servicesubscriber.js from install of efw-guilib-2.4.3-0.endian5 conflicts with file from pa
  000302211 [Endian Firewall]
minoracknowledged2011-06-09Qos iptables rules wrong / Qos must specific with source and destination ports
  000308311 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - HTTP
minorresolved (simon-endian)2011-06-08ncsa proxy password change doesn't work
  0003863    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featurenew2011-06-08Routing Protocols
  00033158   [Endian Firewall]
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-06-04canĀ“t find kernel-PAE- for 2.4.1
  00032942   [Endian Firewall]
minorassigned (simon-endian)2011-06-04Backup show no dialog when creating a backup
  00038401   [Endian Firewall]
textconfirmed (simon-endian)2011-06-03Quick ticket prints contains a wrong translation
  00037113   [Endian Firewall]
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-06-03Web Proxy Antivirus blocked Files are not listed in the Logs
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