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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000345322 [Endian Firewall]
tweakconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-06-01Dashboard speeds incorrect, they are too high
  000378043 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-06-01I've edited the dansguardian error language to set it to spanish but after restarting returns to english
  000336244 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-05-29havp uses a lot of memory on 2.4.1 CE
  0003829    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featurenew2011-05-28Update Dansguardian
  000334852 [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-05-27EFW Community version 2.4.1. clean install. Swap partition size 0.
  00011693   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featureacknowledged2011-05-26Web proxy antivirus not work on SSL https protocol
  00036462   [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
blockresolved (baldy)2011-05-23Traffic not routed from RED to OpenVPN connected network
  0003722    [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
featurenew2011-05-11NTOP password not changed via web Interface
  000369721 [Endian Firewall]
minorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-05-10GUI menu passwords Internal Server Error
  00034877   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - DNS
minorfeedback2011-05-04anti-spyware dns redirects to a wrong ip
  0003649    [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featurenew2011-04-29Include ipt netflow
  00029774   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy SMTP
minorconfirmed2011-04-28Postfix errors (database is older than source file)
  0003645    [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
majornew2011-04-27snort - performance
  0003610    [Endian Firewall]
Other Scripts
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-04-26Sometimes raid failure doens't trig the notification
  00035551   [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-04-22Vpn subnet field on Openvpn is locked to 15 chars
  00030191   [Endian Firewall]
majoracknowledged2011-04-22No QoS on Red
  0003631    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - SMTP
minornew2011-04-21Postfix lost connection with Exchange 2010 SP1
  00002734   [Endian Firewall]
minorfeedback (peter-endian)2011-04-21SMTP SASL authentication gets overriden by RBLs
  00019639   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
majorresolved (simon-endian)2011-04-19HTTP Proxy EFW 2.2 (updated from 2.2rc3) group policy not longer works
  00034564   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
blockresolved (simon-endian)2011-04-19AD autentication does not work due to incorrect permissions
  00036051   [Endian Firewall]
Network related (VPN, uplinks)
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-04-18Green interface goes down
  00034643   [Endian Firewall]
Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)
minorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-04-12interface failed come up
  0003593    [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed (simon-endian)2011-04-11Footer is missing in the "Event Notification" page
  0003580 1 [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
minornew2011-04-05Manually added rules have same IDs as Emerging Threats rules
  00026931   [Endian Firewall]
tweakacknowledged2011-04-04Color change for Apply notification and settings applied
  00014362   [Endian Firewall]
DHCP Server
featureacknowledged2011-04-04DHCP service - Fixed leases : missing hostname field
  0003575    [Endian Firewall]
Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)
minornew2011-04-03Problem with Intel quad port
  0003574 1 [Endian Firewall]
Proxy HTTP
featurenew2011-04-02Cache Access Denied
  000357082 [Endian Firewall]
minorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-04-01Browser error
  00028403   [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-30The Event Notifications section lack of authentication
  000305912   [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - SMTP
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-30spam admin wrong syntax
  00035572   [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-30setvpnfw returns python errors
  000185511 [Endian Firewall]
Other Services
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-29if you change the zone subnet the dhcp configuration are inconsistent
  00035534   [Endian Firewall]
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-03-29Install - error initializing OHCI_HCD - loop
  0003566    [Endian Firewall]
blocknew2011-03-29Broadcom BCM5716 not recognised by installation
  0003561    [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
featurenew2011-03-27Colour coded IDS logs
  0003560    [Endian Firewall]
Intrusion Prevention
majornew2011-03-27Snort not logging all detected rules
  0003528    [Endian Firewall]
Application Level Proxies
majorconfirmed (lorenzo-endian)2011-03-25Problems with HAVP
  00035244   [Endian Firewall]
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-03-25Endless looping of usbhid messages as reported
  0003558    [Endian Firewall]
Hardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)
featurenew2011-03-2464-bit EFW release?
  000348562 [Endian Firewall]
minorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-21status - network status -> display stops on dhcp Current dynamic leases
  0003412    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - HTTP
minorconfirmed (simon-endian)2011-03-21monit monitors the wrong winbind pid file
  0003547    [Endian Firewall]
Endian VPN Client
majorconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-18OpenVPN Client does not support X509 + PSK
  0003545    [Endian Firewall]
Proxy - HTTP
featurenew2011-03-18comments in bypass fields
  0003170101 [Endian Firewall]
featureconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-18Collectd Crash abnormally
  0003542    [Endian Firewall]
OpenVPN Client and Server
featurenew2011-03-17OpenVPN - account certificate generation
  00034754   [Endian Firewall]
Application Level Proxies
crashconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-16clamav should trying to refresh/revert the database if found a malformed one
  00030304   [Endian Firewall]
Application Level Proxies
majorfeedback (lorenzo-endian)2011-03-14Turning on FTP Proxy blocks FTP downloads via Browser like IE or FF
  0003525    [Endian Firewall]
tweakconfirmed (peter-endian)2011-03-14log in session is saved for many hours/days
  00004492   [Endian Firewall]
Application Level Proxies
featurefeedback2011-03-14Content filter + antivirus scan not working
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